Pothos Plant Propagation

Below is a simple Step-By-Step process to propagate a Pothos plant.

If your plant is overgrown or you simply want to share your plant with others, read on…

In Summary – you trim your Pothos plant, slice the trimmed vine(s) into “eye-node” sections, put the individual “eye nodes” in water to initiate root growth, then plant a cluster of 8-10 “eye nodes” into a self draining bucket with soil, and then maintain the new plant as the cuttings grow to a full healthy new plant.


All you need to get started is a length of vine, scissors, and a jar of water.

Step 1: Items Needed to Propagate a Pothos Plant

Pothos Vine (2 foot in length or more)





Indoor Potting Soil

Step 2: Trim Your Pothos Plant (aka – a “haircut”)

Simply cut a 2 foot length of vine (“pony tail”) from an existing Pothos plant.

I recommend trimming your current plant to the bottom of the pot, leaving 15-20 inches of the existing vine live for future growth. No need to cut the vine all the way back to the soil.

Another option – trim all your vines of your plant to an even height, in effect, trimming off all vines below a certain level. An example would be trimming all the plants vines to a length of 18 inches. The cut vines now sitting on your floor, pick them up and get ready for the next step.

It is always a good idea to organize things, so you might want to untangle the mess into 5-6 individual rows on your table – each row being one lopped off gangly vine.

Step 3: Slice the long Pothos Vines into individual “eye nodes”

Divide and conquer!

Simply chop up each row (Pothos vine) into a set of individual “eye nodes”.

An “eye node” is a single leaf with a “T” intersection.

Leave 1/4 inch of vine on each side (left and right) of the T intersection. That is where new roots will sprout.

Think of the original Pothos vine as a highway and each leaf an off ramp. You want to cut 1/4 inch of highway on either side of the “T” intersection (off ramp).

Hint: Some folks will take a 2 foot section of Pothos vine and dip the end of it in a cup of water. Wrong Approach! Reason – the one lonely stub end will only create 2-3 new rooting “whiskers” on that solo tiny end. Our recommended approach is to create 10-20 individual “eye nodes” that will in total develop 60-100 new rooting “whiskers” as each of the T intersections will grow 3-4 new root strands “whiskers”. So if you cluster 10-20 of these “eye nodes” for a new plant, you will have 30-60 new root “whiskers” for your new Pothos plant versus only 3-4 root “whiskers” (3 per eye node X 10 eye nodes VERSUS only 1 end node with 3 whiskers).

More cuts = more root “whisker” growth.

Step 4: Put the Pothos “eye nodes” into Water

Cluster you “eye nodes” into groups of 10 and set them into a container with water.

I simply cut the tops off 4-5 Poland Spring bottles, fill them with water, and drop a cluster of “eye nodes” into each bottle.

The weight of the water will keep them from falling over. Plus, using a clear container will allow you to watch the root “whiskers” grow.

Hint: Make sure all the “eye node” ends are underwater. Probably obvious, but well worth your time taking a couple seconds to double check and make sure you are not drying out any of the ends by leaving them high and dry in the air.

Wait time: Once placed in the water, let them grow for 14-21 days.

You can replace the water once a week, but that can be messy. I simply refill (top off) the containers once a week by adding water and that seems to do the trick.

If the water gets ugly, then yes, replace the water versus refilling.

Step 5: When are your “eye nodes” Ready to Plant?

Once sprouted, your “eye nodes” will grow 1/2 inch per week.

Your “eye node” clusters are ready to plant once the roots “whiskers” reach 1 1/2 to 2 inches in length per “eye node”.

Be Realistic – Not all “eye nodes” will grow root “whiskers”. Such is life! But you should see 7-8 out of 10 that will grow new root “whiskers” per cluster.

The nodes that do not grow new sprouts simply remove them from the cluster and toss them away.

Step 6: Planting your “eye node” Pothos Clusters

Simply fill a new bucket (pot) with new indoor potting soil to about 80% full.

I use Miracle Gro’s Indoor Potting Mix. It’s only $5.00 for a 6 Quart bag at Home Depot.

I have also used Expert Garden Potting Mix that cost roughly $5.00 for a 8 Quart bag at Walmart.

Now press your fingers into the soil and make a hole about 2 knuckles deep into the soil.

Then add 8-10 “eye nodes” in a cluster to the hole and tap the side of the bucket to get the soil to fill in around the cluster of “eye nodes”.

Gently press down on the soil around the cluster and (finally) add a cup of water to the cluster in the bucket.

Hint: Do not overwater. Simply add 1/2 cup of water to the bucket only once a week each Friday and in 2-3 weeks the plant will take off and grow crazy!


A great video worth watching: