Pothos Plant in Water

Below is a simple Step-By-Step process to propagate a Pothos plant in water.

Step 1: Items Needed to Grow a Pothos in Water

Pothos Vine

Clear Container


Step 2: Glass Container Selection

Choose a Glass Vessel

The container should be clean and easy to add water to.

Personally, I cut the tops off of Poland Spring bottles and use them as a starting point for the initial 10-14 days. They are clear and (unfortunately) plentiful locally. Plus, they are light weight and easy to work with.

Step 3: How to Keep a Pothos Alive in Water

There are three major things to consider:

1) Change the water once a week or simply add water once a week on Saturday morning. In addition to feeding the plant, water will evaporate. Also, water will lose oxygen over time and the Pothos roots will will need new oxygen to grow – both via the leaf above water and also via the emerging root structure under water.

2) Feeding your Pothos plant is important. Potting soil you purchase typically contains nutrients for your plant needs, but since it’s in water you will need to feed it to keep it growing! Be sure to dilute all purpose fertilizer and pour only a few drops of it into each container every 10 days. DO NOT over fertilize. It can burn the roots and kill the plant. Just a few drops every 10 days is sufficient to supplement its thirst with some nutrients.

3) Keep your containers clean. If the water in the container starts to become cloudy or algae starts to bloom, then remove the plants and rinse everything down removing the algae. Algae is ugly and not helpful in growing your Pothos plants. Keep your leaves above water and in the air. Doing so will reduce algae growth and the leaves will absorb sunlight more efficiently in the air versus under water.

Using a clear container is fun as you can watch the roots develop down under in addition to the leaves and new nodes expanding above the water line.


A great video worth watching: