Pothos Plant Cats

A neighbor asked – Are Pothos plants toxic to cats?

In my research, I noticed several websites warning that Pothos plants are toxic to cats and dogs.

One individual mentions – “Pothos and anything in the araceae family are toxic. The calcium oxalate crystals in the plant will cause vomiting, sore mouth and lips. drooling, possibly diarrhea.” (a bit frightening)

One offers a solution – “Toss a few orange peels into the pot, or mist the leaves with a mixture of 2 teaspoons of vinegar to a full spray bottle of water.. kitty will avoid the plant like the plague and it won’t hurt your plant. I have 4 cats and a house full of un-nibbled plants.”

And another offers – “Cats hate the smell of vinegar, but be careful. No more than 2 teaspoons.. vinegar is an acid and too much will burn your plants leaves. But 2 teaspoons of vinegar from the baking section of your super market, diluted in a large spray bottle of water won’t harm them. And it will stink enough to deter kitty. If you’re worried, you can always spray just the pot with a stronger solution avoiding the plant, for the same effect.”

Golden Pothos is a highly used indoor houseplant. The Pothos plant is an easy plant to maintain and forgiving to the “non-Green Thumb” type resident.

Nick Valenti mentions “it’s a top seller and we sell roughly 7,000 golden pothos a year in NY” making the Pothos one of the city’s most used houseplants.

A few facts he mentions:

Beware – keep your Pothos plants away from your feline & canine friends as Golden Pothos is deemed to be toxic to dogs and cats (and humans) by the ASPCA.

Beware – if the Pothos plant is eaten, it may cause difficulty breathing, vomiting, or provide a steady flow of the “Hershy Squirts”.

Beware – in Hawaii and Florida, the Pothos plant is considered to be an invasive species. In some states, the Golden Pothos plant is illegal to grow outdoors. While beautiful as an indoor plant, Golden Pothos is taking over many forest floors and tangles around tree trunks.

Beware – Golden Pothos is native on remote islands in the South Pacific.

On a positive note:

Positive – Golden Pothos is a recommended plant for air purification.

Positive – Golden Pothos is nicknamed “devil’s ivy” in Europe and considered to be nearly an impossible-to-kill plant. Tho known as a plant, it is actually ivy and can grow offshoots to be quite long.